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The President of European Commission

Department of Economic and Social Affairs
NGO section / ECOSOC

State University of Saint Petersbourg

Comitè economique et social europèen

Ministry of Regional Development and Local Government
Ministry of Economics
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Education and Science

International Ontopsychology Association
NGO in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of United Nations

Ministry of productive Activities

Rigas City Council

Italian Institute for Foreign Trade

Internet Holding, Russia


Internationaler Kongress
Business Intuition 2004

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In Oktober/November beträgt die durchschnittliche Temperatur in Riga ungefähr 9°C (48,2F), mit Höchsttemperaturen um die 13°C (55,4F) und Tiefsttemperaturen um die 4°C (39,2F).

das heutige klima



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