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International Congress
Business Intuition 2004


     FOIL (Fostering Ontopsychological Interdisciplinary Leadership skills) promotes the International Congress Business Intuition 2004 because it believes it is important to give scientific qualifications to this subject, a source of interest for those who are involved in economics, politics, psychology and other related subjects.
     There is a cardiac sense in business, and current entrepreneurial intelligence is somewhat unaware of its beat. Experts in economics, politics and social action, although aware that intuition is the key to success, cannot recognize how it comes into being. Retrospective analysis of business shows that behind every success there is an individual, a leader with his intuition.
     But what is intuition?
     After 10 years of experience, FOIL’s methodology has confirmed the hypothesis, bringing it to a rational application. This technique completes and exceeds the current technical and academic knowledge focusing on the inner world of the businessman, in his personal subjectivity where creative intuition can be isolated and protected from standard socially accepted information.
     Over the last few years FOIL has demonstrated the entrance point to business intuition.
     Today it is widely accepted that entrepreneurship is not only a matter of technological and financial strategy, but also one of effective management of a company’s most important asset, human resources.
     Years of reliance on technological innovation (acquisition, storage and processing of data; classification, analysis and monitoring of the productive processes; etc) have really taught us that to achieve and maintain success we need to improve our management of the personal relations and team dynamics within the company. This is where Business Intuition plays a fundamental role.
     There is a constantly increasing number of websites and training courses on intuition, promising to coach us in the use of our inner wisdom and to free the power of the unconscious in business decisions. It is also true that alongside the many supporters of business intuition there are a similar number of critics, stating that it has been demonstrated several times that is an error to make decisions based on intuition.
     Ultimately, there is the position of Ontopsychology. A contemporary school, which makes use of original discoveries that have refined the tools of a basic operative logic which enables deviant complexes and gratifying inductions to be brought to light. For more than 30 years, this school has proved it is able to isolate and differentiate the vector that represent the structural basis of intuition that identifies the proportion in day by day social contradiction.
     The question is: can we be sure that the many schools of intuition can provide the solution to the problem?
     This is the main goal of the International Congress Business Intuition 2004: to deliver a practical answer from the most interdisciplinary discussion possible, regarding daily economic activity and personal background, as well as the nationality and scientific qualifications of all those who participate, thereby calibrating the two pillars for economic leaders: intuition and results.
     The Congress will open the way to a true avant-garde of knowledge, competency in training, managerial psychology and business economics. Even today many of the most competitive experts are not completely informed.
     Above all, young people with ambitions towards leadership will find the current and advanced operative panorama of Japan, USA and Europe and innovative elements that qualify success.

I warmly welcome you to Riga for this event of life.

A. Prof. Antonio Meneghetti
President FOIL


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