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Международный Конгресс
Business Intuition 2004


     FOIL (Fostering Ontopsychological Interdisciplinary Leadership Skills) is promoting the International Congress “Business Intuition 2004" that will take place in Riga-Latvia, from October 28 to November 2, 2004.
     Founded in 2001 and with headquarters in Lodi-Italy, FOIL is a consultant firm with specific interest in the education of the leader. Currently FOIL has four Branches worldwide: Moscow for the Russian Federation, Sгo Paulo for Latin America, Riga for the Baltic countries and New York.
     FOIL promotes the International Congress Business Intuition 2004 because it believes that it is important to give scientific qualification to this subject, a source of interest for those who are involved in economics, politics, psychology and other related subjects.
    Today it is widely accepted that entrepreneurship is not only a matter of technological and financial strategy, but also one of effective management of a company’s most important asset: individuals. Although experts in economics, politics and social action are aware that intuition is the key to success, they cannot recognize how it comes into being.
   The goal of the International Congress Business Intuition 2004 is to create a truly interdisciplinary discussion with speakers representing many different backgrounds for economic activity, practical experience, nationality, cultural and scientific education. Together we aim to fine-tune the dual concept of the economic leader: intuition and results.

    FOIL’s mission is also to display the several opportunities Italy can offer, that if correctly promoted can favor the partnership with Latvia. In this particular period with new countries joining the European Union, FOIL aims to provide an important contribution to make this integration an opportunity to create an efficient synergy with the eastern European countries.
     With this in mind an Exhibition “Exp.-Business Intuition” will be held concurrently with the Congress at the same venue. The participation of all companies is welcomed. The Congress will be an unprecedented opportunity to obtain an exposure to markets of new Europe.
     FOIL’s vision is to support companies where the objective of profit is combined with an improvement of local economy and a healthier environment.



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